• PV power station

    Centralized | Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station
    Focus on project quality | Improve O&M efficiency

  • Intelligent microgrid

    Investment Advisory | Design & Construction | Operation & Maintenance
    Three-tier control|network/off-grid smart switch

  • intelligent system

    Intelligent monitoring + O&M services
    Intelligent Tracking Sunshine | Efficient power generation

Anhi Suntechnology Clean Energy Group Co.,Ltd.

SNE Group is founded in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing solutions for clean energy system for users, mainly engaged in photovoltaic power plant investment operations, intelligence technology application and development field of new energy related business. 

Relying on strong financial strength and rich experience in engineering, the company provides the overall solutions for PV power stations for customers.

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Engineering case

  • Centralized PV power station

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  • Distributed PV power station

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  • Intelligent micro

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